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The behind the scenes musical of every talent show!

Backstaged is a fun pop/rock musical by Kevin Duncan. Set behind the scenes of a national TV talent show, it’s The X-Factor, Britains Got Talent and The Voice all rolled into one! There’s corruption at every turn, dodgy judges, pushy mothers, sob stories, infighting, bribes and contestants that will stop at nothing to win. Backstaged has it all!.

Cassie has never sung in front of anybody before but while accompanying her magician father, she gets mistaken for a contestant. She take a leap of faith and decides to audition....

Forget everything you think you know about TV's biggest talent shows!
Writer - Kevin Duncan
Cassie goes to the auditions of a national TV talent show to support her  (not very good) magician father. She gets mistaken for one of the acts by a member of the TV crew and to her terror is ushered onto the stage. Cassie has always dreamed of being a star, but has no confidence in her own ability. She decides 'what the hell?' and sings for the judges. She's an instant hit and soon becomes a favourite to win the competition.
Head judge, Russ Cole, is a fan of Cassie's, he thinks she has the perfect sob story as she was abandoned by her mother when she was young. Russ also recognises the transformation she has gone through, from the dowdy schoolgirl at the first audition to the attractive superstar she is becoming. This could make 'him' millions!

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Kevin Duncan
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